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Continuing activity of live substance, the person carries out such chemical reactions which was not on Earth earlier. Iron, tin, lead, aluminum, nickel and many other chemical elements is emitted in pure form.

It is difficult to judge performance of this condition objectively, being in the big country which is on the threshold of hunger and poverty as about it write all newspapers. However V. I. Vernadsky warned that process of transition of the biosphere to a noosphere cannot happen gradually and unidirectionally that on this way temporary retreats are inevitable. And the situation which developed now in our country can be considered as the phenomenon temporary and passing.

Interaction of live and bone substance is characterized first of all by that the part of energy of bone substance is acquired, assimilates live substance. This new geological force changes the organization of a surface of Earth. The amount of the saved-up potential energy increases. The live substance becomes, thus, the regulator of the valid energy of the biosphere.

"Still the person a radical change of a face of Earth which is made by it in the increasing and big sizes in process of cultural development and distribution of influence of cultural mankind has a greater influence. The terrestrial surface turns into the cities and the cultural earth and sharply changes the chemical properties.

According to modern representations, the biosphere is the peculiar cover of Earth containing all set of live organisms and that part of substance of the planet which is in a continuous exchange with these organisms.

It is concentrated in thin, more or less continuous film on a land surface in the troposphere - in fields and the woods - and all ocean gets. The quantity it is estimated in the shares which are not exceeding the tenth shares of percent of the biosphere on weight, an order close to 0,25%. On the land it goes in big congestions on depth on average probably less than 3 km. Out of the biosphere it is not present". However this size was overestimated. Since then different researchers made the estimates of biomass on Earth which led to different sizes.